Watch and Clock Repair

At Key Location, we have access to professional, and fully qualified, watchmakers and clockmakers, both on- and off-site for all of your repair and restoration needs.

Do you need a new battery? How about a new watch band? Did you accidentally break the crystal on your watch? Is your watch band too big and so you need some links taken out? We can do all of that plus more - cleaning, servicing/overhauls, and full restorations that will bring your watches or clocks back to their former glory!

We have a variety of bands to suit your watch, whether it be leather, velcro, silicon/rubber, or metal. We can fit these to your watch and then size it correctly to suit your wrist. Some watches require genuine bands that aren't usually stocked because they have non-standard end fittings - for many brands such as Casio (G-Shock) or Citizen, we can order them for you and have them delivered to the store.

Is it time for you to replace that watch crystal that you may have scratched or chipped? We can do that so that your old watch can look brand new again.

Have you got that old-faithful watch stuck at the back of your bedside table drawer? We can service and restore it back to how you remember it with a quality workmanship guarantee.